County Sports – 8 medals for ASCN

1 Dec, 2022 | Sport

On Thursday 13th October 2022, the County Sports competition was held in the Harriers, in Tullamore, Co. Offaly. 

67 students from ASCN travelled to Tullamore to represent the school. The day was cold and windy but thankfully dry. 

The participants got to the Harriers at 9.30am and the races began 10.30am, so the athletes had plenty of time to get ready and warm up. 

The area was filled with students from all different schools in the county, everyone was eager to get started and the audience began to grow with supportive students and some parents. 

Mr Phelan, along with our Transition Year students, played a big part in organising the event and announcing the races. 

Ard Scoil Chiarain was represented in every part of the competition, at both Junior and Senior Level.

The competition finished around 3.45pm.

The individual winners were announced and schools were awarded their tallied up points. Sadly Ard Scoil Chiarain did not win any awards for the school, but some students won their races and received medals. 


  • Sarah Reynolds 100m 3rd  
  • Dylan Mullen discus 1st 
  • Veronika Steblovska 200m 1st   
  • Ava Cornally shock put 3rd  
  • Grace McMahon shock put 2nd 
  • Rhys Johnson 200m 2nd  
  • John Carroll 100m 3rd 
  • Osin Guilfoyle 100m 3rd   

Eight winners overall: two gold, three silver and four bronze. 

Congratulations to the winners and well done to the participants  

You made an amazing effort, representing our school. 

Other results

  • Leah Weldon 200m 5th 
  • Jake lynch 100m 4th 
  • Eve Kelly 100m 4th 

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