Senior Football Team Home Coming

11 Mar, 2023 | Sport

On Saturday 11th March, the Senior Football Team travelled to Tuam to play the All-Ireland final of the Masita GAA Post Primary Schools Br. Edmund Ignatius Rice Cup (Senior D Football). The Clara boys were unlucky on the day, but the school wanted to celebrate their achievement and success in the competition this year. 

A home coming event was organised to welcome the team back to school that evening. Many supporters, parents, members of the community and staff travelled back to ASCN to congratulate them for their impressive result. The team was welcomed by a guard of honour and the applause of the crowd. The evening then started with speeches from Mr Lyons (Deputy Principal), Ms Hickey (Principal), Marcus Dalton (captain) and Tony Dalton (coach). They all praised the dedication and team effort of the boys, Mr Lyons saying that each win they got was never enough, their goal was the All-Ireland Final. Ms Hicky congratulated them for bringing the whole school community behind them, Marcus thanked the players, team management anf school staff, finally Tony reiterated the good words that were spoken before and highlighted that even though you can never pin down such success to just one man, all this would not have been possible withour Paul McConway who was always able to motivate the team to keep pushing forward.

The evening ended with a short video that was put together by Ms Doorley, retracing the incredible journey of the boys.

They made the school and Clara extremely proud and we won’t forget their achievement any time soon.

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